Below are a few testimonials and emails from clients of Holistic Solutions

"I recently completed my facial treatments with Nora. I would strongly urge anyone interested in a revitalization of your skin, overall appearance and confidence - please see Nora. It is never too late, at 61 I am so pleased with the results. The products smell wonderful and the serum is in no way greasy and they are easy to use. Thank you for making me feel wonderful and look wonderful - just like you"!

Christina Craig, client


"Good Evening Nora, after my treatment today I notice my skin is tight and firm. Also, the lines and wrinkles on the left side of my face are noticeably diminished - amazing! Thanks so much, have a great evening and I will see you Thursday"!

Christina Craig, client

 "Nora my lashes are blacker than black, and my skin looks crazy good, thanks!! My husband said, "Hunny you look beautiful, but you don't need false lashes". Wow, time for a series girl!! See ya soon:)

Tina Johnson, client  

"I saw you on Amazon Local and wanted to meet you before I purchased the offer, boy am I glad to have meant you Nora. That Time Master and spatula thingy is AMAZING!! Why aren't you advertising it more? Please feel free to share this because no one tells you that facials can be this effective, it's definitely not your average steam facial that's for sure".

Agnes Murray, client 

"I have been a client of Nora's for about two years and I can say that she is professional and knowledgeable. I have seen excellent results in my skin's texture and clarity since my first peel series about 3 weeks ago. It was definitely an investment I am glad I made. I trust Holistic Solutions with all my cosmetic needs"!

Amanda, client

"I met Nora when I was looking for skincare products, she made me comfortable at the very beginning with her knowledge of skincare and her beautiful personality. I've been fortunate to visit Nora's business Holistic Solutions, where I had a beautiful professional experience. My skin was glowing (and I'm 55 yrs old). I can't wait to return"!

Cynthia, client

"I battle with acne and have since I was nine years old and now i'm 22. I found Nora while browsing the internet looking for acne treatment for my back because I was FED UP!! I have been a client of Nora's for about 2 months, 1 month and two weeks to be exact, and I am happy to have someone who has experienced the same skin problems as I am. I feel more comfortable in the hands of someone who has cleared herself of acne versus a skincare specialist who has always had clear beautiful skin. So far it has improved more than I thought it would in this short period of time. Soooo looking forward to future appointments"!!

Kellie Johnson, client

"I am writing to say that I am now a believer in professional help and Nora has turned this skeptic into a believer. I never saw my skin look this good and my wife says I actually look younger!! She's going to be contacting you for a series soon, she says I can't out do her:) Thanks Nora".

Steven Holmes, client

"This is for anyone who is not sure if Ms. Holloway is competent in her field, SHE BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES. I never felt beautiful and after I meant Nora I was hoping she could lead me in the direction of someone who could help me, imagine my surprise when she handed me her business card. Just in speaking with her I was sold, but now to look in the mirror after my fourth treatment and not feel the need to apply makeup at the age of 53 I am just blessed to have found her and the products are phenomenal".

Nancy Swiss, client

"Thanks Nora, you did a great job on my brows and my teeth look awesome"!!

Summer, client

"Hey Nora, my skin looks great even with the short amount of time you kept the enzyme on. I know i'm so sensitive, but even still I never saw smoothness quite like this and I am looking forward to my next treatment".

Kiley, client

"My crows's feet are almost completely gone who knew there was a such thing as serious results without pain. Nora you rock! Gotta do the teeth whitening next time your smile is awesome:)"

Susan Thomas, client

"My face looks great, Nora you took years off my life, i'm serious. My face looks firmer, smoother, plumper, and lifted! Thank you so much, see you next week".

Marsha Kessler, client 

" I am so glad to have found you Nora!! I will admit that I was a skeptic at first because everyone claims to get results, but it's more than looking good, I feel good when I leave you. You have gained a loyal client for life. Amazing gift certificates by the way."

Hannah Jones, client

"Ms. Nora you are a gem. I don't know you that well, but it seems like i've known you forever. Please feel free to share this because I have learned a valuable lesson, don't judge a book by it's cover. You don't strike me as the heartfelt, compassionate, and genuine person you are. You're beautiful and that doesn't usually come with a lot, but you showed this 63 year old a thing or two with your knowledge and expertise in your field. I look years younger now thanks to you".

Gail Hendricks, client

"Who friggin knew!!!:) To anyone that gets to read this, I highly recommend the Dermafile series, it's AWESOME!! You really know your stuff Nora and I know I know not everyone will need Dermafile, but I look crazy good for a aging white girl. You really have changed how I feel about myself and no amount of money can buy that".

Kimberley Langdon, client 

"Hi Nora, I just want to say that it was challenging at first to grasp the idea of putting in work for something like my skin, but you were right I do look younger for a middle aged guy. Words can't express my gratitude for showing me it's ok to care about myself. I love your caring personality, please don't change. Let's talk hair loss treatment, i'm ready for that investment now because of you".

David Goodman, client  

 "Nora Holloway is passionate about her profession as demonstrated in her thoughtful and sincere service. She understands that choosing her establishment is a choice, as she reaches beyond her grasp to offer state of the art care specifically formulated for each individual. Nora's sweet disposition and commitment to ensuring her clients feel valued and appreciated will keep me patronizing her - even from 30+ miles away".

Nicole Mainor, client

" I hesitated writing this to you because I didn't want it to come off salesy. I thought about it a little and realized that if anyone deserves my recommendation it's you. I have traveled and received great treatments so I know quality and you are it. You took time to evaluate my concerns and were honest about your ability to help. You exceeded my expectations greatly and I highly recommend a series of your treatments to anyone looking for real change or a freshened appearance".

Karen Tillman, client